Reviewing the Bottom Buddy Wiping aid

Bottom Buddy Honest Review

We have already looked at the freedom wand and said how it is one of the effective wiping aid tools. Hosiped actually gives good star rating saying that it is great for wiping butt, washing aid as well as good with ointment application. We are today going to look at another product which is the best seller at Amazon. It is called the bottom buddy which also acts as an extension tool for people with short arms or those that are handicapped.

The bottom buddy measures 11 inches and has a smooth round head that goes to hold on tissue paper or wet wipe to clean your butt. The bottom buddy is relatively cheap as it goes for less than $40.
Experience using the bottom buddy
As I was looking for wiping aid tools for my obese patients who had just undergone surgery and therefore they would have a hard time wiping on their own, I bumped onto the bottom buddy from Hygien’ease Technologies. Now this product had been said to help restore the dignity of whoever used it and was having trouble reaching their butt or wiping.

I decided to give it a try since the patient in question was really having it rough in the toilet and always felt embarrassed whenever I had to clean his butt after he was unable to do it on his own. The patient immediately fell in love with it. But it was not that easy though. At first they thought that the round head was too intrusive and they also had trouble going through the guide on how to use it until they saw this resource.

What I love about the bottom buddy

  • It is long enough for the patient to use and reach their perineal area. Measuring 11 inches, the buddy is able to reach the anus of the patient so that they can wipe clean with ease.It has a smooth head which is gentle to the patient so that they can use without fearIt has an easy to use button so that you can release your tissue paper or wet wipe with ease.
  • What I did not like about the bottom buddy

  • My only dislike was that unlike the freedom wand, you cannot use it as a washing aid, shaving or for applying ointment
  • Toilet Paper, Bidet vs Wet Wipes: What to use

    We are in interesting times when people are questioning the efficacy of toilet paper after a number 2 in the washroom. And I feel alive and happy that these things are happening. Because for a long time, I have been doubting how good toilet paper is. You see I am a father of two kids. The smaller one is just but a toddler who is yet to be potty trained. Now any time he soils his diapers, his mother will get him, some luke-warm water with soap and wipe all the shit from his butt. And the boy looks so happy after this cleaning. When we are travelling and she cannot get access to this lukewarm water or a basin to do the wiping, she uses wet wipes. And they are equally effective as long as they are alcohol free.

    So, after watching what is happening to this toddler, I have been doing a lot of deep thinking. And wondering why as adults we have to use dry toilet paper to wipe our butts. Because, lets face it, the dry toilet paper never does the work really well. You always find that there are some shit debris left in your perineal area. At the same time, you will find there is always that bad odor of shit that hung around you and your innerwear. However, nobody wants to talk about this. Because we are adults and toilet matters are taboo to us. Even when some guys have to use wiping aid tools such as the freedom wand to wipe.

    Now, there are three options that one can use:

    1. Toilet paper–which I and my family have pledged never to use. Not unless there is no alternative or that we are guests in a person’s home and we have no other butt wiper which we can use. Toilet paper has been found to cause anal fissures and irritations. Women have also been complaining of Urinary tract infections (UTIs) especially after they use cheap tissue paper.
    2. Bidet with family cloths– Most people in the Muslim religion have been using some bidet to wipe your bottoms and once they do so, they then wipe themselves dry with reusable family cloths. It is a good habit that is not only eco-friendly but also very cheap. But why? Because the cloths are reusable and as such you need not worry that you are throwing money down the toilet hole as you do with toilet paper. It also saves on trees. However the habit is not that cheap considering that you will have to use lots of water with the bidet. Family cloths could also lead to spread of germs especially if you do not clean them well with hot water and disinfectants.
    3. Flushable wet wipes: There is a new wiper in town. And it is flushable wet wipes for adults. These wipes are great in that after using it to wipe your butt, you can flush it down the drain and it will actually disintegrate. I call them the best flushable wipes for septic system since they do not block it. The downside of this though is that the wipes do not disintegrate that fast like toilet paper. Tests show that it can take upto 1 hour before a cottonelle wet wipe does actually break down after a flush.

    Freedom Wand for Obese People Having Trouble Wiping

    Would we Recommend the freedom Wand to our readers?

    The freedom wand is a butt wiping aid used by obese, handicapped as well as people with short arms who might be having difficulty reaching their bums after visiting the toilet and doing their number 2s. So they want some assistive device that will be able to reach their butts and so they try out the freedom wand.

    freedom wand

    According to hosiped, a caregiving blog that exhaustively discusses this topic in depth, the freedom wand is not only good for wiping but will also prove invaluable for reaching out to wash your back, apply ointment to unreachable areas as well as shaving your legs. It adds length to your hands so that you are able to reach those parts that you are unable to reach because of maybe a surgery, obesity, pregnancy or short arms.

    However, there has been debate that the freedom wand is rather brittle and will break after short use. It is also one of the most expensive butt wipers out there and therefore some people look for cheaper alternative where they do not have to cough out so many bucks to buy the toilet wiping aids. Some of the most prefered products include the bottom buddy, the juvo toilet aid with caddy as well as the long reach comfort wipe.

    The pros of the freedom wand

    Different from all its competitors, the freedom wand will help you do the following:

    1.Wash your body with ease, even the back parts. All the other products do not have this functionality; they only help wipe your buttocks after a number 2 in the toilet.

    2. Shaving. With the freedom wand, you can shave off your legs and all other parts that would have proved unreachable were you to do it with your hands.

    3. Applying ointment. You can use the wand to apply ointment to hurt parts.

    The cons of the freedom wand

    There has been a hygiene debate going on in the caregiving space where some people feel that using the butt wand to wipe your bum and later using the same device to shave, wash your body or apply ointment is rather unclean and even filthy. Well, I cannot agree with these people more. Even when you wash the butt wand after using it to clean your bum, I feel that there could be some debris that will not be cleaned out. I would also feel uncomfortable using the wand to wash my back after using it in the toilet. It is disgusting.

    The wand is one of the most expensive hygiene products out there and the price could be rather inhibitive for some low income earners.

    Time and time again, I have seen in the freedom wand reviews that the product is rather fragile. Some people said that it broke after short use and you would really feel conned after spending an arm and a leg to have the freedom wand breaking in a record 3 months. Who wants that really? Nobody!


    Taking care of your baby: Do you really need a video baby monitor?

    The modern Tanzanian woman is as developed and empowered as her Thai counterpart. She is looking to climb the corporate ladder and be the best that she can be. Motherly and wifely duties can however tie her down. Being a Tanzanian mother calls for so much. You have to run your home shrewdly and bring up healthy children. If you are working, you might hire a nanny but when you do so, you want to monitor her, right? The baby monitor comes in.

    If you evaluate it in terms of the money that you will use to purchase a video monitor, then you may get it wrong all together. There are a lot of reasons that justify the use of a video infant monitor to watch on your kid. Yes, it is a worthy investment! This is why:

    1. No losing link with your infant who is sleeping

    Whether you’re using a best baby monitor or a cheap baby monitor, the gadget ensures that you don’t lose connection of your kid even if they’re sleeping in a different room. The capacity of best video baby monitor to provide sound and video enables a mom to shut the door and leave your kid to sleep. The totokan baby monitor by BuyTheTop10- Product Reviews site enables you to monitor what your baby is doing from afar.

    By using a video monitor, you can be able to bathe, wash, cook or do any other activities without worrying about your kid in a bassinet or a crib. The video kid monitor ensures that you don’t keep running to the bedroom every five minutes to check your sleeping kid.

    1. Offer a piece of mind knowing your infant is safe

    The video infant monitor permits you to see your sleeping kid. This is very necessary if you are a new mother who leaves a kid with a nanny for work related issues or other commitments. Best long range baby monitor ensure that you see your kid even when you’re miles away from home.

    1. No reason for waking up to check on your child

    You need to catch up some sleep and you’re avoiding waking up your kid unnecessarily. As a new parent, you may be worried and anxious about the condition of your kid. Any sound that your baby makes may get worried and keep your awake. Nonetheless, the video monitor helps you to check on the kid even before waking up and only wake up to check on your kid when it is really necessary.

    1. Its functionality is not limited by the lighting conditions

    It should be necessary to understand that the video baby monitors is not affected by lack of light or what can be referred to as darkness. If you purchase a good super clear video with night vision makes the kid monitors extremely reliable. Most of the gadgets have already been tested and they provide reliable performance.

    1. Easy to set up, plug and play

    Setting up this video baby monitor is not complicated at all. You don’t need an IT person to help you set it up. Besides, most of this camera can be extended to multiple cameras where you can benefit from multi-parent support as any other family member can monitor the kid.

    The capacity of the cloud computing and the internet enables you to share your kid’s data with any person you like to ensure that your kid is safe.

    1. Programmed to Narrate a Kid’s favorite story

    It is true that your older child will show great interest in listening to short bedtime stories before they nap. There are times you will be tired or not in the right mood to narrate a story to your kid.

    At that time when you cannot read them a book, you can just turn on your kid’s favorite bedside story while you go to sleep or engage in another activity. You can then monitor the kid through the video monitor through a baby app in your phone or wait for any alert to come to your mobile phone.

    For the stated reasons, it is very important that you get yourself the best video monitor for your kid.


    So how does the baby monitor work. Check out this video


    Taking Care of Parkinson’s Patients

    Parkinson’s disease is a neural degenerative disorder where your central nervous system refuses to produce dopamine since the neurons responsible for this have either gotten denatured or destroyed. It mostly affects people at the age of 60 and above. However, there have been cases of people who got the disease at a tender age for example Michael J Fox who got the disease at the age of 29.

    The most obvious symptom of Parkinson is tremors where the patient will  be trembling uncontrollably. Those who have the disorder say that it usually starts with a simple twitch of one finger and this goes on and on to develop to full blown tremors of the entire hand. Another symptom is dyskinesia which has been said to be involuntary movement and fidgeting of the whole body. So for example a Parkinson’s patient will find it hard to sleep since their limbs and body parts will move uncontrollably and they can do nothing to stop it.

    Parkinson could also lead to slurring of speech, imbalance when one is walking as well as falls especially when the patient wakes up from their bed. In this post therefore, we will examine some of the ways that caregivers can help take care of of their patients. Caregiver Trizah Wanja of hosiped says that love and understanding are the most crucial things that the PD patient needs.

    “When you love and understand them, they feel less anxious, stressed and depressed and they are therefore able to share their fears”, says Trizah Wanja.

    1. Medicine to curb the symptoms 

    Parkinson has no known cure. There are however drugs to help curb the symptoms. Some of these drugs include Sinemet and Levodopa that introduce dopamine into your body therefore helping you recover and be able to control the symptoms.

    Of late CBD oil which is still being researched on has also been said to help people alleviate anxiety and therefore have better sleep.

    2. Spoon for tremors

    Parkinson’s patients usually have a hard time eating since they have tremors. They will therefore shake visibly to the point of pouring their food. Caregivers can get them spoons for tremors that help with less spillage of the food.

    3. Exercise

    Parkinson’s patients should get alot of exercise as this helps them with movement. If one is not exercising, they will suffer more from dyskinesia. Some of the exercise you can do is swimming, boxing as well as jogging. You can also do some light weight lifting as all this helps with voluntary movements of the limbs.


    Toliet hygiene tips you need to have

    At a young age, we are all taught how to use the toilet. You know how your mom or guardian tells you from a young age that you ought to flush the toilet, wash it clean with the best detergent and all that. Well, our moms were not that experienced in telling us that and though their advice was sound, they left out so much tips that we will be looking at in this blog post.

    Toilet plume

    This is without a doubt something that they never told us. About the toilet plume which is more dangerous that the poop itself. But why. According to Wikipedia, toilet plume is the dispersal of microscopic particles that occurs when you flush your toilet. Figure out this: you want to get rid of poop because it is nothing but well, waste. However, what you did not know is that the same waste could get into contact with you when you flush the toilet. And you need not notice this plume. Why?

    Because it is microscopic in nature. And if your teacher taught you right, then they told you that microscopic particles cannot be seen with the naked eye. Well, if you do not want to get into contact with this toilet plume, the only way to do so is to place the toilet cover before flushing. This way, the plume only hits the cover lid and not you.

    Rather squat than seat

    In my village setting, we have those pit latrines where you have to squat rather than sit. And when I came to the urban centers, I thought that those toilets of our village are old fashioned and all that. Well the truth is that I was wrong. Research shows that it is better to squat rather than sit on a toilet for better bowel movement and emptying.

    Cleaning up the toilet seat

    Cleaning up the toilet is something that we all know. But do you always wash out the toilet seat? Well, if you have not been doing so then you need to start doing it. And wash with antiseptics and any other cleaning detergent that you might have so that you are cock-sure that the toilet is not only sparkling clean but also hygienic to use.

    Using wet wipes instead of toilet paper

    I always thought that using wet wipes for cleaning your bum was something disgusting until I found out that using it is the best thing ever. Do not use tissue paper because it has been found to be ineffective. The wet wipes though wash out everything and every dirt that you might be having after using the toilet to empty your bowels.

    Toilet help for disabled and aged

    Elderly people, obese and handicapped might be having problems while using the toilet. You need to be there for them and do not feel disgusted about it. At the same time, they might want help with wiping their butts. Well, guess what, there are actually some bottom wiper for obese tools that they can use.

    Equipment for Abs: What Gym machines will make me lose love handles?

    So, I was going through some of the emails that have been sent by you readers. And there was this particular woman who wanted to know the equipment for abs that she should use in order to lose her love handles.I sent her an email asking how much she weighs and her height and she replied telling me that she weighs 120kgs and measures 1,5m. I knew that her BMI was having a problem.

    But since we know that BMI is not the best measure of obesity, I asked her to measure her waist circumference and when she did, it came to 90cm and I knew then that we were having a problem.

    Love handles or obliques come about when you have very high fat deposits around your waist. The best way to rid yourself is through weight loss regimes as well as going to the gym and doing exercises that target on the abs.

    Since I had read of these best equipment for abs, I knew that I just needed to recommend them to her. So here is the list that I sent her.

    1. Swiss stability balls
    2. Bench press machine
    3. Keto bells
    4. Ab carver rollers
    5. Twister and ab shaper.

    With these equipments, you will be able to do these exercises:

    1. Crunches
    2. Sitting on the swiss ball
    3. Rolling to lose tummy.

    Other than exercises, I told her to check her diet. She could start with a detox followed by eating only healthy fats, lots of veges and proteins, less carbs and more water.

    I hope these article on equipment for abs to lose love handles will help even those having a problem with obliques.

    Viagra and cialis are not the safest male enhancement

    Lets face it, Viagra is great only if you want to die young. Yes, nobody refutes that it is going to give you great boners and all that. But the thing is that you become a slave of the drug. You will have to pop the blue pill every now and then.

    Cialis is  no better and that is the reason why I would never advise even my worst enemy to take either of these two pills.

    But what should one take if they are hell bent on improving their boners and getting rid of erectile dysfunction.

    Well, amazon has great products such as alpha male, testofuel and testogen xr that are great in increasing testosterone as well as improving a man’s libido. Studies have gone on to show that d aspartic acid, tribulus terrestris and ashwagandha are great in giving you better hard ons. And that is why I would advise anybody to try them because they are so effective that you will not believe it after they start taking effect on your body.

    At, I found out these great pills that are going to revolutinize your bed life as they do the following:

    • Give you better boners
    • Make your dick longer
    • Give you better orgasms.

    How yohimbine burns stubborn fat

    If you are not yet in the know than you should now grasp that yohimbine is an alpha 2 receptor blocker and since alpha receptors make fat burn a difficult thing, yohimbine makes it possible.
    So if you have been battling with stubborn fat that will not go despite everything you do, try yohimbine.

    So, what are alpha 2 receptors

    Alpha 2 receptors are found in the human cell and they receive fat and bind to it. When this happens, the body blood pressure goes down so that you have low metabolism. With that, no matter how much you do exercises, you still find that you are not losing weight as you would expect. You have hit a weight loss plateau where the much you are losing is equal to what you are eating.

    Remember if you are trying to lose weight, then the following equation must hold

    Weight Lost> Weight Gained

    If that is not the case and you have

    Weight Lost=Weight Gained

    Then you should know that you are not doing anything and you will never see progress.

    The worst though is when you have

    Weight Lost<Weight Gained

    In such a case, you will find that you are always gaining weight and you will surely never see a breakthrough

    This video explains the concept so well that I fell in love with it immediately.

    I also found a good article that explains how weight loss happens. In this article, you will find a drug called performix which has been said to contain both eviodamine and yohimbine which are both alpha 2 receptors. The article is Best Fat Burning Gnc Pills Reviewed [UPDATE 2018]

    The opposite of alpha 2 receptors is beta 2 receptors. These ones are good because they lead to enhanced fat burn. Fortunately there are drugs such as phenq which activate beta 2 receptors helping you burn fat.

    What are the benefits of a car protector?


    As a parent of an infant or toddler, a car seat protector is a must have car accessory if you want to keep your baby safe in the car and your car upholstery in good shape for the long haul.

    • Hold the child’s car seat firmly in place

    Unlike towels and mats, the best car seat protector features sturdy non-slip material and non-slip pads on the underside that enhance its grip to the car upholstery thus preventing the baby car seat from sliding when the car vibrates. In case of a car crash, this will be your savior as the kid’s car seat won’t shift.

    • Protects your car seat from dirt and drink spills

    Most toddlers can only board the car by messing everything; climbing on the backseat, stepping on the car seat covers, before they get into their child car seat.

    They also can’t go for long without demanding something to munch or drink. But their rudimentary table manners spills crumbs and liquids all over and within no time your car upholstery will be littered with smudge and crud.

    With a baby car seat cover to go under the car seat, you would have saved yourself from all this mess.

    • Makes it easy to wash and maintain the car upholstery

    The fact that less dirt and spills reach the backseat fabric means that it can do with less frequent washing. Another advantage going for car seat protectors is that most of them are waterproof, such that while they collect all the crumbs, dirt and liquids, they only need hassle-free spot cleaning or wiping. Unlike the car seat leather or cloth, you can get it back to its spotless condition in a jiffy and continue with your journey.

    • Preventing car backseat damage

    Without a baby car seat cover, the pressure of the child’s car seat as the car moves rubs the back seat causing it to wear out much faster. It also introduces unsightly scratch marks and indentation.

    • Extra storage space

    Some car seat covers have either side or front pockets that provide additional storage space for baby items such as bottles and toys.