Technical education and why we need it in our country

In this technical education section, we will be talking about the different courses that youths can take so as to be economically viable.

In the fast changing world that we are living in, everyone needs to have a course that will lead to a career.

Gone are the days when blue collar jobs used to be despised and looked down upon. In our fast changing world, we need people who are keen in technical courses. Say for example construction and plumbing works that our country really needs for its growth.

So, here is our list of technical courses

  1. Architecture
  2. Quantity survey
  3. Mechanical engineering
  4. Civil Engineering
  5. Aviation and aeronautical engineering
  6. Land survey
  7. Plumbing
  8. Construction management
  9. Water engineering


What you need to know about technical courses

Unlike the white collar jobs where you report with a suit and a tie, with technical courses, you need not have that. All you need to do is appear at your workplace in an apron or just tough clothes and set to work.

  • The courses are marketable
  • You can set up your own business
  • You will always be in demand
  • Need not wear formally
  • Pay is high
  • You always find yourself fit since the work is labour intensive.