Battle ropes workout routine example

A battle rope also known as a conditioning rope or a fitness rope is basically a weighted rope usually between 30ft and 50ft long. It also has handles on both ends where one holds, but not with all workouts, in order to carry out an exercise with the rope.

For most of the workouts with a fitness rope you need to anchor it at its midpoint. Anchoring is pretty easy and you just need to ensure that the anchor point is well fixed such that it does not come off during workouts.

Below we’ll look at the waves exercise routine, which is done with a battle rope. The most important thing is to have fun with the workouts and you can even modify an exercise to your liking.

Waves fitness rope exercise

Have you ever thrown a stone in a pool of water and seen how waves move away from the stone’s point of hitting the water surface? That is what we’ll be recreating, with a fitness rope, in this routine.

With the rope anchored at its midpoint, hold the end points of the rope with both hands while at a squat position. However, you can also sit on a chair if for instance you have a knee injury or you feel your fitness level is a little low.

There are two ways to do the waves workout. One, moving the hands up and down together to create the waves. Two, you can do the alternating waves. This is where you move one hand up and the other down, while holding the rope’s handles. This creates alternating waves as well.

The video below shows what muscles get help when you use a battle rope.

To increase the level of difficulty for this routine, do side lunges simultaneously with the waves. Also keep doing the waves for durations of between 30 seconds and 60 seconds, then rest for a short duration, about 30 seconds. Then repeat the waves for about four more sets.