Choosing a hospital bed for sale

So a friend’s grandfather is involved in an accident and he gets badly hurt. He is taken to the hospital and treated. He has fractured bones and all that. The doctor do their part and three months down the line, he is discharged. He is however walking with crutches and the physiotherapist says that he needs at least 6 months bed rest so that he can recuperate. He says that his bones are weak and that he will have to either go to a rehabilitative center or get personalized home care.

hospital bed frame
Hospital bed frame

Since they are a closely knit family and the want to shower the old man with love and attention, they take him up for home care. The physiotherapist has however warned them that it will not be easy since the elderly man will be dependent for that duration of time. Why? He is not able to take himself to the toilet, eat or even wash his body. The home care giver has to do all this.

They are also advised to get the best hospital bed for the old man so that he can have comfort. So, they are looking for hospital bed for sale and they come to me for advice. So as a good family friend this is what I advice them.

Go for full electric bed

The full electric bed is easy to use since to adjust it all you need is press the pendant control and voila, you get a change of bed height, a change of the head and the feet position done quickly.

At the same time, if the old man is able to outstretch their arm, then he can do it since all they need to do is make sure that the pendant control is on top of the rails where he can simply stretch out his hand and adjust the bed position to whatever height they want. When the lights go out, the bed has a crank at the foot so that all these can be done manually. It also has a 9volt battery that helps you raise the bed for at least 9 times before it dies and needs to be recharged.

Look for bed entrapment compliance

The FDA in 2006 announced that it had gotten so many reports of bed entrapment deaths and injuries that they would not want to hear them again. So they introduced some standards that manufacturers should abide to. Home care givers should check to make sure that their bed manufacturers are abiding to these rules lest you injure or kill your patient.

Safety bed rails

Bed rails are a must if at all you care about the well being of your patient. You do not want them to fall from the bed in their sleep further injuring themselves, do you. No, you want them to be protected using safe to use rails. With rails, the patient feels confident and secure. However, if they are seizure stricken patients, you need to have foam paddings so that the patient will not hurt themselves even when they get affected by the seizures.

Get a heated mattress pad

Since the friend was buying the bed during the cold season, I advised them that they should also get a heated mattress pad if they could afford. With a heated mattress pad, the patient does not feel as though you are heaping a ton of blankets on top of them. No, the pad does the warming and they will require only one blanket. There are also electric blankets that will also solve the problem. With these electric beddings, caution needs to be taken lest you start a fire and burn up your patient.