Equipment for Abs: What Gym machines will make me lose love handles?

So, I was going through some of the emails that have been sent by you readers. And there was this particular woman who wanted to know the equipment for abs that she should use in order to lose her love handles.I sent her an email asking how much she weighs and her height and she replied telling me that she weighs 120kgs and measures 1,5m. I knew that her BMI was having a problem.

But since we know that BMI is not the best measure of obesity, I asked her to measure her waist circumference and when she did, it came to 90cm and I knew then that we were having a problem.

Love handles or obliques come about when you have very high fat deposits around your waist. The best way to rid yourself is through weight loss regimes as well as going to the gym and doing exercises that target on the abs.

Since I had read of these best equipment for abs, I knew that I just needed to recommend them to her. So here is the list that I sent her.

  1. Swiss stability balls
  2. Bench press machine
  3. Keto bells
  4. Ab carver rollers
  5. Twister and ab shaper.

With these equipments, you will be able to do these exercises:

  1. Crunches
  2. Sitting on the swiss ball
  3. Rolling to lose tummy.

Other than exercises, I told her to check her diet. She could start with a detox followed by eating only healthy fats, lots of veges and proteins, less carbs and more water.

I hope these article on equipment for abs to lose love handles will help even those having a problem with obliques.