Freedom Wand for Obese People Having Trouble Wiping

Would we Recommend the freedom Wand to our readers?

The freedom wand is a butt wiping aid used by obese, handicapped as well as people with short arms who might be having difficulty reaching their bums after visiting the toilet and doing their number 2s. So they want some assistive device that will be able to reach their butts and so they try out the freedom wand.

freedom wand

According to hosiped, a caregiving blog that exhaustively discusses this topic in depth, the freedom wand is not only good for wiping but will also prove invaluable for reaching out to wash your back, apply ointment to unreachable areas as well as shaving your legs. It adds length to your hands so that you are able to reach those parts that you are unable to reach because of maybe a surgery, obesity, pregnancy or short arms.

However, there has been debate that the freedom wand is rather brittle and will break after short use. It is also one of the most expensive butt wipers out there and therefore some people look for cheaper alternative where they do not have to cough out so many bucks to buy the toilet wiping aids. Some of the most prefered products include the bottom buddy, the juvo toilet aid with caddy as well as the long reach comfort wipe.

The pros of the freedom wand

Different from all its competitors, the freedom wand will help you do the following:

1.Wash your body with ease, even the back parts. All the other products do not have this functionality; they only help wipe your buttocks after a number 2 in the toilet.

2. Shaving. With the freedom wand, you can shave off your legs and all other parts that would have proved unreachable were you to do it with your hands.

3. Applying ointment. You can use the wand to apply ointment to hurt parts.

The cons of the freedom wand

There has been a hygiene debate going on in the caregiving space where some people feel that using the butt wand to wipe your bum and later using the same device to shave, wash your body or apply ointment is rather unclean and even filthy. Well, I cannot agree with these people more. Even when you wash the butt wand after using it to clean your bum, I feel that there could be some debris that will not be cleaned out. I would also feel uncomfortable using the wand to wash my back after using it in the toilet. It is disgusting.

The wand is one of the most expensive hygiene products out there and the price could be rather inhibitive for some low income earners.

Time and time again, I have seen in the freedom wand reviews that the product is rather fragile. Some people said that it broke after short use and you would really feel conned after spending an arm and a leg to have the freedom wand breaking in a record 3 months. Who wants that really? Nobody!