Toilet Paper, Bidet vs Wet Wipes: What to use

We are in interesting times when people are questioning the efficacy of toilet paper after a number 2 in the washroom. And I feel alive and happy that these things are happening. Because for a long time, I have been doubting how good toilet paper is. You see I am a father of two kids. The smaller one is just but a toddler who is yet to be potty trained. Now any time he soils his diapers, his mother will get him, some luke-warm water with soap and wipe all the shit from his butt. And the boy looks so happy after this cleaning. When we are travelling and she cannot get access to this lukewarm water or a basin to do the wiping, she uses wet wipes. And they are equally effective as long as they are alcohol free.

So, after watching what is happening to this toddler, I have been doing a lot of deep thinking. And wondering why as adults we have to use dry toilet paper to wipe our butts. Because, lets face it, the dry toilet paper never does the work really well. You always find that there are some shit debris left in your perineal area. At the same time, you will find there is always that bad odor of shit that hung around you and your innerwear. However, nobody wants to talk about this. Because we are adults and toilet matters are taboo to us. Even when some guys have to use wiping aid tools such as the freedom wand to wipe.

Now, there are three options that one can use:

  1. Toilet paper–which I and my family have pledged never to use. Not unless there is no alternative or that we are guests in a person’s home and we have no other butt wiper which we can use. Toilet paper has been found to cause anal fissures and irritations. Women have also been complaining of Urinary tract infections (UTIs) especially after they use cheap tissue paper.
  2. Bidet with family cloths– Most people in the Muslim religion have been using some bidet to wipe your bottoms and once they do so, they then wipe themselves dry with reusable family cloths. It is a good habit that is not only eco-friendly but also very cheap. But why? Because the cloths are reusable and as such you need not worry that you are throwing money down the toilet hole as you do with toilet paper. It also saves on trees. However the habit is not that cheap considering that you will have to use lots of water with the bidet. Family cloths could also lead to spread of germs especially if you do not clean them well with hot water and disinfectants.
  3. Flushable wet wipes: There is a new wiper in town. And it is flushable wet wipes for adults. These wipes are great in that after using it to wipe your butt, you can flush it down the drain and it will actually disintegrate. I call them the best flushable wipes for septic system since they do not block it. The downside of this though is that the wipes do not disintegrate that fast like toilet paper. Tests show that it can take upto 1 hour before a cottonelle wet wipe does actually break down after a flush.