What are the benefits of a car protector?


As a parent of an infant or toddler, a car seat protector is a must have car accessory if you want to keep your baby safe in the car and your car upholstery in good shape for the long haul.

  • Hold the child’s car seat firmly in place

Unlike towels and mats, the best car seat protector features sturdy non-slip material and non-slip pads on the underside that enhance its grip to the car upholstery thus preventing the baby car seat from sliding when the car vibrates. In case of a car crash, this will be your savior as the kid’s car seat won’t shift.

  • Protects your car seat from dirt and drink spills

Most toddlers can only board the car by messing everything; climbing on the backseat, stepping on the car seat covers, before they get into their child car seat.

They also can’t go for long without demanding something to munch or drink. But their rudimentary table manners spills crumbs and liquids all over and within no time your car upholstery will be littered with smudge and crud.

With a baby car seat cover to go under the car seat, you would have saved yourself from all this mess.

  • Makes it easy to wash and maintain the car upholstery

The fact that less dirt and spills reach the backseat fabric means that it can do with less frequent washing. Another advantage going for car seat protectors is that most of them are waterproof, such that while they collect all the crumbs, dirt and liquids, they only need hassle-free spot cleaning or wiping. Unlike the car seat leather or cloth, you can get it back to its spotless condition in a jiffy and continue with your journey.

  • Preventing car backseat damage

Without a baby car seat cover, the pressure of the child’s car seat as the car moves rubs the back seat causing it to wear out much faster. It also introduces unsightly scratch marks and indentation.

  • Extra storage space

Some car seat covers have either side or front pockets that provide additional storage space for baby items such as bottles and toys.